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  •  History of the beginnings of Hockey and north america jersey

  • to the boys from McGill what happened

  • that winter night in a Montreal skating

  • rink was just an experiment they never

  • dreamed they were making history

  • but when the puck dropped they gave the

  • world its first official hockey match

  • and in that moment a new game and a new

  • country made a lifelong bond

  • we were the nation that was created when

  • they gangs created a game of survival

  • late against winter

  • the promise of life and the season of

  • death

  • hockey's it's tough it's dangerous it's

  • wonderful

  • hometown dreams born on frozen ponds and

  • epic journeys a quest for glory it's the

  • story of miners and mill workers and the

  • winter stage where any man can be king

  • of the struggles and triumphs of the

  • women who fought for their place in the

  • game

  • there was a time when I first started

  • coaching hockey that the only person who

  • was watching our game was the Zamboni

  • driver

  • hockey's story spans two centuries in a

  • vast country coming of age

  • a story of hucksters and heroes of

  • victory and betrayal

  • a game that divides us and unites us

  • like nothing else can I don't know what

  • it is about ice hockey when people get into

  • it it's just just in their blood

  • it's Canada's gift to the world and a

  • measure of our place in the world

  • are we going to have challenges

  • absolutely but nobody's going to take

  • the way the fact that it's our name

  • that'll never be taken away it's the

  • game of our kids the game of our lives a

  • game that tells the story of a nation

  • on April 8

  • you

  • to place shinny one had to have a good

  • stick no umbrella handle

  • so early in the fall boys are go up the

  • sides of the mountain to hunt for small

  • trees growing on the steeper slopes

  • those trees had roots that curved

  • sharply into the bank and when trimmed

  • and dried made ideal sticks with which

  • to play the game

  • even before Canada was a country it was

  • a ritual that marked the passing of one

  • season and the beginning of another

  • winter or more precisely hockey season

  • we took advantage of every opportunity

  • holidays and often times after school we

  • were on the ice

  • hila skate skate skate as hard as you

  • can go take a rest and go after that

  • puck again into you're thoroughly

  • exhausted

  • the strange thing is winters greatest

  • sport was born in summer under the hot

  • Sun of Egypt and Persia and Greece

  • when the Athenians built the Parthenon

  • 2500 years ago one of the stone carvers

  • a sports fan left a record of his

  • passion

  • a marble relief shows two teams with

  • crook'd sticks and a ball waiting for

  • the referees signal except for the

  • missing skates and the fact they're buck

  • naked you'd swear it was a center ice

  • face-off you know as humans were players

  • I mean that's what we do I mean we we

  • mess around we you know we see a rock

  • and we kick it and and if you kick a

  • rock somebody else is going to kick it

  • too and they make it in the opposite

  • direction and and and games begin as

  • civilizations spread westward so did its

  • games taking root in Europe and the

  • British Isles

  • they called it bandy or Hurley or shinty

  • all stick and ball games all hockey's

  • ancestors but it's the skate that sets

  • the game apart by the 1600s the Dutch

  • had perfected the metal blade and had

  • the right idea but instead of icehockey

  • they came up with a game called coltan

  • if this looks like a threesome standing

  • on the first tee it's because they're

  • playing ice golf

  • the English and Irish nearly got it

  • right

  • adapting the game of Hurley to the new

  • marriage of steel and ice almost icehockey

  • but not quite

  • it wasn't until the old country games

  • arrived with the immigrants on the

  • shores of Nova Scotia that the last

  • missing pieces were found the Newman

  • rivals found the natives already had

  • their own stick and ball game the French

  • called it lacrosse in a Native Tongues

  • it had many names including one that

  • means little brother of war the

  • aboriginals considered sport ersal for

  • battle and consequently in these games

  • it was winner-take-all literally

  • sometimes the opposing players might be

  • killed they would certainly be roughed

  • up because you wanted to win because

  • when you were in battle you had to win

  • or you'd be dead

  • I think the immigrants saw how seriously

  • they played these games and imitated

  • them consciously or subconsciously when

  • they played their own a rough game and a

  • rough country both are taking shape at

  • the same time many will lay claim to the

  • title birthplace of icehockey by the early

  • 1800s there are stories of schoolboys

  • playing a form of the game on the frozen

  • ponds and inlets of Nova Scotia

  • and British soldiers from the Kingston

  • garrison are seen scrimmaging on the ice

  • of Lake Ontario hockey was not invented

  • it evolved but Canada's imprint on it is

  • unmistakable

  • in 1866 the star manufacturing company

  • of Dartmouth Nova Scotia produces a

  • revolutionary new skate an ingenious

  • design that clamps firmly to a boot with

  • a rounded blade for better

  • maneuverability for the next half

  • century star skates are the gold

  • standard around the world even Leon

  • Trotsky Future leader of the Russian

  • Revolution longs for a pair our

  • relatives and friends when going to town

  • would sometimes ask what I want it my

  • eyes would shine

  • I want halifax gates i would cry but

  • they would forget that promises i lived

  • in hope for several weeks and then

  • suffered a long disappointment star also

  • sells icehockey sticks handmade by mig mall

  • carvers they're cut from the hornbeam

  • tree nicknamed Ironwood for its

  • resiliency or stink wood because the

  • sawdust smells so bad

  • nygma sticks sell all over the continent

  • for forty five cents a dozen

  • and each hockey-stick at the time was

  • like a Stradivarius it was it was unique

  • in its own way there were no two ice hockey

  • sticks they were like first of all no

  • two pieces of wood are alike but also

  • the Carver made a difference and his

  • nuances and how he carved the stick it's

  • it's a beautiful metaphor for Canada

  • which I think was formed by the forest

  • the industry of the forest is the first

  • sort of rooted industry in Canada and

  • out of this rooted industry comes what

  • has become our sporting symbol the

  • hockey stick

  • it's the stick that gave the game its

  • name perhaps from the old French word

  • okay which means shepherd's crook or

  • maybe it's from the Iroquois hole he

  • meaning tree branch wherever it came

  • from it's stuck

  • a game in the mid-1800s is a wild

  • chaotic affair no set boundaries no time

  • limits few rules the number of players

  • determined only by how many could fit on

  • the ice it was probably more of a scrum

  • game because similars maybe a little bit

  • of rugby - field ice hockey where everyone

  • can sort of magnet was magnetized by the

  • puck and so you had to be around the

  • puck or close to the puck and that's

  • kind of how you moved around sort like

  • pac-man and that's how the game was

  • played crowded and clumsy but James

  • Allen Creighton loved it

  • born in Halifax in 1850 and schooled at

  • King's College Creighton

  • at the age of 22 he takes a job as an

  • engineer on the Lachine Canal in

  • Montreal it's the biggest city in the

  • country population 150,000 a city on the

  • brink where a bustling Harbor and modern

  • factories share space with an open sewer

  • running through downtown

  • creighton keeps up his skating and takes

  • up rugby playing for the McGill

  • University Football Club

  • their match against Harvard in 1874 is a

  • turning point in the sporting history of

  • North America New Englanders see in

  • rugby the seeds of a game they'll call

  • football but James Creighton sees

  • another sport altogether

  • that winter he recruits his rugby

  • teammates outfits them with MIG ma

  • sticks and star skates and lays out the

  • rules

  • the game shall be commenced and renewed

  • by a bully in the center of the ground

  • charging from behind tripping colouring

  • kicking or shinning shall not be allowed

  • no player shall raise his stick above

  • his shoulder when a player hits the ball

  • anyone decide then on the night of March

  • 3rd 1875 Creighton books the Victoria

  • skating rink for a couple of hours and

  • invites a small audience ice hockey had

  • moved indoors and now instead of the

  • wide open game played outside for the

  • last 75 years it has boundaries squeezed

  • into a space roughly the size of a

  • gladiator ring

  • they play by rugby rules so it's illegal

  • to pass the puck forward

  • stickhandling is the only way to attack

  • and bodychecking

  • the best way to defend

  • the goal posts are eight feet apart and

  • the goalies are forbidden from falling

  • or kneeling to make a save they play

  • nine men aside no substitutions everyone

  • goes the full sixty minutes

  • strange to modernize maybe but there's

  • no question it's hot

  • God didn't point to Montreal on March

  • 1975 and you know AB lightning-bolt and

  • suddenly there was this new game but all

  • the elements have fed together into one

  • place the biggest city in the country

  • the most important city in the country

  • though you know Halifax certainly has

  • its place

  • everything just mushrooms and explodes

  • from there I mean there's no getting

  • around that whether you want to say

  • that's the first game or not it's where

  • the game changes the score is two to one

  • partway through the second half when the

  • trouble starts a few members of the

  • Skating Club had seen enough and wanted

  • their ice back

  • so the first official ice hockey game in

  • history is called early because of a

  • fight even so young the game had

  • demonstrated a potent capacity to

  • inflame passions like no other

  • you

  • you

  • eight years after cratons little

  • experiment ice hockey is still a kind of

  • boutique sport the pastime of an

  • exclusive little Club of English

  • Montreal gentlemen most of whom had

  • learned the game at McGill University

  • there are fewer than 100 League players

  • in the whole country but like

  • journalists PD Ross they're true

  • believers

  • best game I know of ice hockey about my

  • skates down to the river to play on the

  • ice hard work all afternoon feeling used

  • up too much exercising between hockey

  • and dancing determined to quit dancing

  • it is wealthy people in wealthy sporting

  • clubs who have the time to indulge in

  • leisure pursuits who come up with these

  • games and make up the rules and play

  • them in their universities and in their

  • social clubs and eventually the rest of

  • the greater population is exposed to

  • these and it starts to spread out but it

  • definitely doesn't come from the ground

  • up it starts from the top and and works

  • its way down to the populace but to

  • spread ice hockey needs a showcase and in

  • 1883 opportunity comes calling that year

  • Montreal hosts the first Winter Carnival

  • every hotel and boardinghouse is booked

  • and tourists are pouring into the city

  • by the trainload pd ross files reports

  • for the toronto daily mail

  • there must have been a thousand sleighs

  • cutters on the street between 3 and 4

  • o'clock and people of all description in

  • them glide along to the music of their

  • bells Montreal is today the best

  • advertised city on the continent the

  • centerpiece of the carnival is a marble

  • of frozen architecture a real Winter

  • Palace built with 10,000 blocks of ice

  • cut from the st. Lawrence River

  • but sports are the main attraction

  • tobogganing snowshoeing horse races and

  • a curling bonspiel

  • and this year Montreal's newest winter

  • spectacle ice hockey

  • and for the first time the game has a

  • world stage to play on newspapers have

  • just started printing a sports page and

  • PD Ross makes sure hockey is in on the

  • ground floor

  • this morning the carnival sports open

  • with the first of the hockey matches on

  • the river the Quebec and Montreal teams

  • were pitted against each other the game

  • is one of the finest and fastest on

  • earth

  • I think the significance of it is we

  • finally have kind of almost a homegrown

  • product that's accepted that that the

  • people of all strata in society say hey

  • that's worth going to see and I think

  • it's important that it's in Montreal

  • which is the most important city in

  • Canada at the time in terms of

  • legitimizing something if it's accepted

  • in Montreal it's going to be accepted

  • everywhere but the game still awaits its

  • greatest patron and he arrives in the

  • nation's capital in 1888 Canadians could

  • be forgiven for suspecting the Queen's

  • new man in Rideau Hall might be a dried

  • twig he wears a title as long and

  • intimidating as a Quebec winter 1st

  • Baron of Preston 16th Earl of Derby

  • Knight Grand Cross of the order of Bath

  • in fact governor-general Frederic

  • Stanley is made for Canada he's a

  • sporting man who likes to hunt loves

  • racehorses and has a passion for fishing

  • he'd never seen a hockey game until that

  • first winter in Canada but all it took

  • was one and he comes here and he meets

  • the Canadian winter and he goes to the

  • Montreal Winter Carnival and he comes

  • walks in in the middle of a hockey match

  • with his wife and vice-regal aid and a

  • couple of his kids in tow and after they

  • play god save the queen' stop the match

  • to do this the game resumes and Stanley

  • falls in love

  • from that day hockey took up residence

  • on the outdoor rink at Rideau Hall

  • his lordship isn't much of a player

  • himself but his kids take to it like

  • Naturals his daughter Isabel is in the

  • lineup for the government house team

  • that wins the first women's hockey game

  • ever played fuss prompting her peers

  • back in England to sniff that she's too

  • much inclined to be like a boy Rideau

  • Hall also fields a men's team the

  • brainchild of Stanley's sons Edward and

  • Arthur the captain of the squad is none

  • other than James Creighton the man who'd

  • brought hockey to Montreal is now law

  • clerk to the Senate and still a keen

  • player they call themselves the Rideau

  • rebels a name Edward Stanley chose

  • because it all started as a bit of a

  • lark we were not too well looked upon by

  • the authorities and I think that our

  • name the rebels shows very clearly the

  • feelings that existed amongst other

  • hockey players towards us the mere

  • thought of it connect me with one of the

  • happiest times of my life the rebels

  • take hockey on the road giving it the

  • kind of exposure only royalty can

  • attract they take Lord Stanley's private

  • rail car and they don't Ontario and play

  • matches along with James Creighton who

  • is also on the team it's an

  • extraordinary collection of individuals

  • the governor-general sons and Creighton

  • kind of ice hockey evangelicals if you will

  • going out into the hinterland with the

  • imprimatur of the governor barnstorming

  • before the family returns to England in

  • 1892 the Stanley boys kajol their father

  • into a $50 investment with a London

  • silversmith a modest little cup that any

  • team in the Dominion can challenge for

  • and none can keep hockey as its greatest

  • prize

  • you

  • you

  • when I was growing up we lived hockey

  • hockey on the creeks hockey on the ponds

  • hockey on the rivers hockey on the road

  • if necessary we just moved from one kind

  • of rink to another

  • perpetual motion

  • in 1895 you can buy a pair of star

  • skates by mail order for a dollar and a

  • one-piece MIG Moss stick the 25 cents

  • haki is bursting out all over the

  • country

  • bankers face off against each other in

  • Regina plumber's helpers play in Ottawa

  • and firefighters in Calgary

  • the young Jubilees of Dartmouth and the

  • Eureka's of Halifax play for the colored

  • championship of Nova Scotia and the

  • first women's teams are forming in

  • universities in Quebec and Ontario the

  • CPR had just finished the last hundred

  • miles of track in a steel highway that

  • now links the country from coast to

  • coast discounted fares are offered to

  • ice hockey fans and local rivalries spill

  • over into contests between cities and

  • provinces

  • the Winnipeg Victoria's had come late to

  • the game but they have the advantage of

  • winter ice that comes early and stays

  • long they also have one of the finest

  • athletes in the country Dan Bane never

  • drank or smoked and claimed he had no

  • time for women dan Bane collected

  • Championships

  • he won his first at the age of 13 in

  • rollerskating and they just kept coming

  • gymnastics lacrosse the pair's Figure

  • Skating crown three consecutive cycling

  • championships Dan Bane could win at

  • anything

  • I couldn't see any sense in

  • participating in the game unless I was

  • good I kept it a sport just long enough

  • to Navigant it and then I try something

  • else

  • in 1895 that something else is Hawking

  • Bane answers a help-wanted ad inviting

  • tryouts and wins a spot on the Winnipeg

  • team

  • by now the championship is in its third

  • year and Montreal teams have won the

  • silverware every time the Montreal

  • Victoria's are considered unbeatable but

  • in February 1896 the Winnipeggers head

  • east to challenge for the cup with a

  • Manitoba Free Press reporter in tow

  • out from the West go seven of the

  • prairie capitals most stalwart sons to

  • do back we have shown that Winnipeg is

  • the curling center of the world and if a

  • Stanley Cup is brought to the bullseye

  • of the Dominion we will have proven our

  • right to be called a hockey centre of

  • the world it realizes the vision that

  • Lord Stanley had you have a team from

  • the West which in those days was the

  • inter land coming East to play in a big

  • series you have all sorts of modern

  • inventions which tie the country

  • together Telegraph the railway etc all

  • of a sudden this vision of Canada is

  • realized in a hockey sense and we have

  • this Challenge Cup which represents the

  • championship of Canadian hockey so

  • Winnipeg comes into the heartland of

  • establishment Canada it's a phenomenon

  • that no one has seen before the game is

  • played in the old Victoria skating rink

  • under the same roof where 21 years

  • earlier James Creighton had first

  • brought hockey in from the cold but this

  • time the place is packed - its elegant

  • rafters

  • the Winnipeggers skate out in scarlet

  • sweaters and blazing with a gold bison

  • their goalie Cecil Merritt sports a pair

  • of white cricket pads an innovation born

  • of necessity since his teammates had

  • perfected a wicked wrist shot

  • the Winnipeg team plays fast and tough

  • something dan vane is particularly proud

  • it was play 30 minutes rest ten then

  • play another half-hour and with no

  • substitutions when we passed the puck

  • never left the ice and if a wind man

  • wasn't there to receive it it was

  • because he had a broken leg

  • thanks to the CPR the country is not

  • only tracked but wired and tonight for

  • the first time hockey fans back in

  • Winnipeg could follow a game they

  • couldn't see it's spotty and

  • time-delayed coming down the telegraph

  • wires but still it's play-by-play

  • this night Dan Bain leads the team in

  • penalty minutes and gets an assist on a

  • winning goal late in the second half

  • Cecil Merritt with his white cricket

  • pads is so good

  • one reporter declares the Winnipeg goal

  • might as well have been boarded up

  • Montreal goes down to defeat and the cup

  • goes west the Manitoba Free Press glows

  • that the fans who bet on Winnipeg

  • cleaned the place out

  • Montreal tonight is clothed in sackcloth

  • and ashes and the sports have gone to

  • sleepless beds with empty pocketbooks

  • the peg contingent on the other hand

  • have enough money to start a private

  • bank no less than 2,000 cold plonkers

  • went down into the jeans of the Winnipeg

  • supporters the newspaper also reports

  • that the stanley cup holds exactly two

  • gallons of beer thus noting the birth of

  • another fine hockey tradition

  • when the heroes come home Winnipeg puts

  • on Canada's first Stanley Cup parade in

  • horse-drawn carriages down Main Street

  • the idea of the West is now made real

  • not only to Montreal hockey players but

  • to an audience there is civilization out

  • there not only that but it's bringing us

  • things now and of course with the

  • opening of the railway the West becomes

  • even more attractive it's it's these

  • guys are metaphor it for the idea of the

  • West where you you move west and you

  • reinvent yourself well in many ways they

  • they've reinvented hockey

  • but Montreal would be back stronger than

  • ever and by now the first

  • french-canadian players are coming into

  • the game

  • they're of the privileged class men like

  • Louie

  • Huckabee's the son of a wealthy

  • financier and Te'o feel vo whose father

  • made a fortune in the bakery business

  • they'd learned the game in the

  • schoolyards of the classical colleges

  • taught by the Irish and groomed by the

  • Catholic brothers it's a route future

  • stars will follow for decades to come

  • I first of all I always had the feeling

  • that the brothers themselves some of

  • them were pretty good hockey players it

  • give us the occasion as a group young

  • youngsters to play together to

  • experience what it is to work inside of

  • a group inside of a team and that really

  • that's where we started in 1902 vo and

  • hiljaa bees are called up by the

  • Montreal shamrocks they're the first

  • french canadians to play at the highest

  • level of the game

  • and it's big news in Quebec I mean the

  • francophone community has wanted for

  • years to have this happen especially the

  • francophone press who see this not only

  • I see this is a nationalist matter you

  • know for the honour of the nation

  • Paqui culture has taken hold in French

  • Canada now all over the country new

  • players and new teams are appearing Lord

  • Stanley's trophy had worked it's magic

  • the competition for it unites the

  • country in a national pursuit hockey had

  • become Canada's game

  • you

  • you

  • of all the fortune seekers who join the

  • Klondike Gold Rush in 1897 few are as

  • bold or as lucky as Joseph Whiteside

  • Boyle

  • by the time he treks into Dawson City

  • the place is crawling with every hustler

  •  and dreamer

  • west of Winnipeg but Joe Boyle dreams

  • big he invests in timber concessions

  • sawmills and shipping docks and while

  • others are panning or sluicing he builds

  • giant floating dredges and mines the

  • whole Klondike River

  • in 1900 the Yukon gives up 22 million

  • dollars worth of gold and Boyle gets a

  • good chunk of it fashioning a stick pin

  • from his first gold nugget

  • and that winter he sees his first hockey

  • game soon he's managing one of four

  • teams playing in the Dawson City Hockey

  • League it's a hodgepodge of civil

  • servants Mounties and miners

  • boyle leads the campaign to build them a

  • world-class indoor rink complete with

  • its own electric power plant and

  • advertising plastered on the boards in

  • 1904 Boyle and the hockey men of Dawson

  • stack one team with their top players

  • and issue a challenge to play for the

  • Stanley Cup

  • it's a crazy idea they'll have to face

  • the formidable Ottawa silver 7:00 the

  • boys in the red white and black are the

  • best and baddest hockey team in the game

  • everybody they play the newspapers on

  • the other cities complains about how

  • brutal and dirty they are whereas the

  • Ottawa Papers just sort of dismissed

  • them as they're all whiners you know

  • it's a tough game we play it tough but

  • but whether they were dirty or not and

  • clearly they must have been they were

  • good the heart of the silver seven is an

  • Ottawa Blue Blood named Frank McGee

  • nephew of Thomas Darcy McGee the

  • assassinated father of Confederation

  • Frank is also one of the greatest

  • comeback stories in sports history

  • the accident happened when he was 18

  • playing in a charity match to raise

  • money for Canadian soldiers wounded in

  • the Boer War

  • McGee took a puck in the face and was

  • cut so badly his left eye went blind

  • which is an extraordinary loss to him

  • and to the game because he's a gifted

  • athlete I mean he can put the puck in

  • the net now he can't he's lost his eye

  • so he takes a job where hundred-percent

  • vision isn't necessary he becomes a

  • referee close enough to a seat at the

  • table

  • mrs. ik decides what the hell I'll risk

  • that other eye

  • McGee comes back to play with the silver

  • seven launching one of the greatest

  • dynasties in hockey's record books

  • in the next two seasons Ottawa defends

  • the championship against the best in the

  • country the rat portage thistles the

  • toronto marlboros the montreal wanderers

  • the Brandon Wheat Kings

  • none can touch the silver seven and

  • one-eyed Frank McGee

  • I mean they'd win 6-4 and he did he'd

  • get five of them so you can't go by how

  • he played but you'll just look he must

  • have been a heads and shoulders above

  • everybody else because he got the points

  • when I Frank McGee does that sound great

  • it sounds like a gunfight or something

  • the Dawson City nuggets have no stars

  • and no track record

  • they'd never want anything their goalie

  • is an 18 year old kid named Albert

  • Forrest who'd never been in net but Joe

  • Boyle is a rich man with good

  • connections he convinces the Stanley Cup

  • trustees there's a golden marketing

  • opportunity here and the challenge is

  • accepted well Dawson City was a city

  • full of dreamers it was full of people

  • chasing gold chasing a fortune so it

  • would be perfect place for a team that

  • thought it could travel like 40 days

  • across North America in the dead of

  • winter and win a Stanley Cup no other

  • city is built based more on dreams and

  • the Stanley Cup is just one of those

  • other dreams for Dawson City

  • on a cold December morning in 1904 the

  • local newspaper sees the Dawson City

  • Nuggets off on the strangest road trip

  • in hockey history the first stage is a

  • killer dogsled trail

  • the run of 365 miles over the ice and

  • snow to Whitehorse we'll put the boys in

  • splendid condition and they will be long

  • on wind and strength when they lay out

  • on the ice for the biggest hockey trophy

  • Under the Sun thus begins a 4,000 mile

  • Odyssey across the country

  • it takes them 10 days to walk to

  • Whitehorse they spend Christmas in a

  • prospectors cabin socked in by snow when

  • a storm passes they scrambled to get to

  • Skagway where they catch a steamer to

  • Vancouver and finally the

  • Transcontinental for the long run east

  • Ottawa January 11th 1905 special to the

  • Gazette the Dawson hockey team arrived

  • in Ottawa by the time they pull into

  • town the Nuggets are national

  • celebrities they average about a hundred

  • and sixty pounds in weight and our

  • rugged-looking law apparently fit to

  • rough it up to any degree if necessary

  • rugged and wrung out Joe Boyle pleads

  • for a postponement until his boys can

  • recover but Ottawa refuses and they're

  • forced to play the first match of the

  • series 48 hours later

  • it looks for a while like the Nuggets

  • might make a game of it but in the end

  • fatigue takes its toll and they lose the

  • first game 9 to 2

  • still joe boyle remains confident in his

  • postgame report to the home crowd it was

  • a great game and the score is no

  • criterion of it we have a good chance to

  • win the cup every prospect at Monday's

  • game will tell a different story

  • the next day one of the Nuggets even

  • suggests that the great Frank McGee

  • who'd only scored once didn't look that

  • hot big mistake

  • it was suspected that he might have been

  • holding back so as not to embarrass

  • Dawson City now there would be no

  • quarter

  • in the second game McGee is dazzled

  • he scores 14 goals including a flurry of

  • eight in the space of nine minutes

  • the final score is a humiliating 23 - to

  • the Ottawa newspaper complains that the

  • fans who'd bought tickets were duped the

  • Dawson City crew is the worst

  • consignment of hockey junk ever to come

  • over the medals of the CPR the visitors

  • couldn't shoot couldn't skate Dawson

  • never had the chance of a bun in the

  • hands of a hungry boy only the teenage

  • goalie Albert Forrest is spared but for

  • him one reporter declares the score

  • might have been doubled still Dawson

  • City has its name etched on Stanley's

  • Cup though the Nuggets never get to

  • drink from it it's a story that defines

  • what the Stanley Cup was it's a

  • Challenge Cup and you could challenge

  • for it from anywhere and what better

  • anywhere you know than Dawson City I

  • mean that's about as anywhere as there

  • is in the country I mean it didn't

  • matter that they got wiped out you know

  • when when the games began but just a

  • perfectly emblematic story

  • but the next year the cup trustees

  • tightened the rules to shut out unproven

  • challengers never again would a team

  • like the Dawson City Nuggets get a shot

  • at the title

  • you

  • pakhi had come a long way since that

  • first experiment in a Montreal skating

  • rink in 1875 30 years on the game is

  • faster more exciting and a lot rougher

  • from its genteel roots hockey has grown

  • into a full-blooded

  • and violence for

  • brawls are frequent and the stick works

  • so brutal that in 1904 alone four

  • players were killed during hockey games

  • Utah hick the hockey stuff 70 she should

  • have seen it then it was a lot tougher

  • and more violent back and then and then

  • it than it is now so everybody says oh

  • this isn't hockey whose wool wool that's

  • the way hockey was back then you better

  • look out if he couldn't be see hard and

  • back then but the violence only seems to

  • add to the popularity of the game big

  • matches now draw more than 5,000 paying

  • customers it was starting to become a

  • business starting to become something

  • where people realized actually people

  • want to watch this thing hockey sells

  • newspapers fills taverns and fuels the

  • betting halls everyone is cashing in

  • except the players

  • players succeed is happening that

  • money's changing hands all around them

  • including even in sports betting and so

  • it involves the beginning of the 20th

  • century to the point where they now want

  • to be paid play and thinking is

  • hypocritical not to pay them they're not

  • bound by any code of amateurism they see

  • the owners aren't bound by any code of

  • amateurism so why should they be

  • hockey's little secret is out what began

  • as a pleasant recreation for the leisure

  • class is now a hugely profitable

  • business and the big paydays are coming

  • the stage is set for a new breed of

  • player and the rise of professional

  • pocket

  • next on hockey a people's history the

  • money game farm boys and factory hands

  • get rich playing for pay a time when

  • millionaires and mercenaries unite to

  • create professional hockey and the

  • schemes of a senator create a new league

  • and a legend

  • you

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           Would you like to know a little history of Jersey?

Team North America Black Jersey

Hello guys welcome back my name is   nathan and today we're going to be


officially discussing the newly revealed reverse retro Team North America Black Jersey and


today we're going to be ranking them from 31


the worst all the way down to number one


the best retro reverse Team North America Black Jersey now these have just


been revealed and i quickly tried to compile my full


rankings and we're gonna be going all the way


from 31 down to one so every single Team North America Black Jersey is going to be in today's video


so who do i see as having the best reverse retro Team North America Black Jerseys and where does


your favorite team's Team North America Black Jersey place on my rankings watch till the end


for all the reverse retro


Team North America Black Jerseys and all my rankings and of  course hit that big red subscribe button


for more Team North America Black Jersey  content just like this one now we're


going to start out today with the worst


reverse retro Team North America Black Jersey coming at number 31 i have the detroit red wings now in this


scenario there's really nothing that's going on with this Team North America Black Jersey i mean


i don't think it's terrible but this is


definitely the least Team North America Black Jersey we've seen from adidas so


far in their timeline i mean  again there's just nothing that's


happening in this thing i like the silver but that's all that


there is it's basically just


a completely white Team North America Black Jersey with almost nothing i know it's


supposed to symbolize the cup wins but in just the Team North America Black Jersey design


faculty it does absolutely nothing it's it's probably the most generic


Team North America Black Jersey we've seen in a very long time


then going on to my next Team North America Black Jersey up i have at number 30 the


anaheim ducks now this of course back to the anaheim mighty ducks age


but i mean this is nostalgic for all the


wrong reasons this has always been looked at


as one of the worst jurors in


the nhl the ducks have brought it back here i mean


i think it's a novelty item it looks


pretty funny on a Team North America Black Jersey especially an adidas Team North America Black Jersey


but at the same time you're not getting any props for me for bringing back one


of the worst jurors of all time and not really doing anything


to make it better to me anaheim just kind of went a little bit lazy with this


one a lot of the jurors they brought back


recently have been fantastic this one though is just an absolute miss then going on


number 29 i have the pittsburgh penguins


another white and away Team North America Black Jersey you'll kind of see a


little bit of a trend that way throughout this video but for me the biggest problem with this


Team North America Black Jersey is the word mark and i it's not even really the word mark


because i like the new york rangers Team North America Black Jersey quite a bit


the problem is it's so extremely small


and you can barely see that thing to me it really


just  doesn't do anything for me i like the


stripes on the bottom with the big yellow and the big bold black but at


the same time with that warm mark there's just not enough going on in the


center piece to really


wow me at all i think if that had the normal penguins Team North America Black Jersey on or


logo on it or maybe even the robo robo penguin from the 90s logo on it


that could have been beautiful instead they put the word mark on that and it's


kind of underwhelming


then going on my next bit we finally get into the first dark Team North America Black Jersey in the


ranking and i have the winnipeg jets  coming at number 28. now


there really hasn't been any bad Team North America Black Jersey  for the one of beg jets in their history


until now to me this thing is atrocious i don't know why the heck


gray is the main color the only thing i  really like about this Team North America Black Jersey is the


logo i like how it's kind of uh light blue out a little bit it's kind of


uh colored out a little bit but the gray is just bad i don't really like


the blue and the white coming down  either especially with the gray being


the main part i mean i would have wished this maybe just be a


white Team North America Black Jersey have that as the main color and then have


maybe blue and maybe i don't even know


what you do


uh as maybe like a red coming down or


something that would have been a little


bit better than this


i really don't have any plans on getting


this in my collection then going on to


my number 27 spot i have the national


predators i mean


we go from a team that's had such a


great Team North America Black Jersey history and winnipeg jets


to a team that has basically always




i would have loved for the prez to go


back to that blue checkerboard Team North America Black Jersey


that they wore for like three total


games it's one of the most rare Team North America Black Jerseys


of all time


instead they go to whatever the heck


this is with the white coming from the


armpits the


silver from the bottom to me the silver


does not work at


all of the yellow especially that yellow




color and just seeing that on a Team North America Black Jersey


it ain't doing anything for me


and it's like everything was brought


together but in the worst ways possible


i i don't know i'm just not a big fan of


what nashville has done with their


Team North America Black Jerseys in their entire history


and this isn't exactly an exception to


that rule but now we can get into number


26 and next up i have the toronto maple


leafs and this is basically their Team North America Black Jersey


from a few decades back


but you got this like here's the thing i


i don't think this Team North America Black Jersey is bad


except for the logo i don't know why


i don't know why leafs have gone back to


easily the worst logo they've ever had


that stylistic blocky leaf


is one of the worst nhl logos of all




they did such a great job revamping that


and making it modern


and making it look good in the new logo


they have just a few years back


i don't know why the heck didn't just


put that on this Team North America Black Jersey and call a day


that could have been so easy but no


we got to go back to the block logo


which just looks so horrible and


so outdated seeing that logo on austin


matthews is is not fun


i don't know why the heck toronto made


that decision they come in at number 26




could definitely be lower on this list


next time around then coming at number


25 i have the columbus blue jackets i




why is why is red the main color on this




they've done such a big job of


converting to this navy blue


this like almost military blue that that


like looks good on them


but now they're going to do red and


white and


the little blue i i don't know man this


is just


it's it's kind of too crazy for me for


columbus i like that they're getting


crazy and like that they're getting


inventive but


i really don't see this as something


that anybody would buy


i don't know maybe that's just me maybe


columbus fans would do that but


i don't know this logo just uh this


Team North America Black Jersey is just an absolute deal in my




then going on the vegas skull nights and


speaking of inventive Team North America Black Jerseys and number


24 i have vegas


they come out with this red Team North America Black Jersey that


has been leaked


and we saw it a little bit to me it's




i mean i don't think the red is as bad


as some people are saying and i do like


actually the design on the bottom


especially with that with that


black and then you have the gold there i




it is all right i i like they're also


using their


their second logo in that or their


shoulder logo on the front i do like


that touch and i do actually like the


color quite a bit


with that gold with that black but just


the red


it it's not vegas it's not really their


color and it never really was


i mean i think it's all right but


anything more than a warp Team North America Black Jersey i'm not


sure if i would like it too much


then going at number 23 i have the


edmonton oilers i mean this is another


away Team North America Black Jersey so there's not too much to




i think it checks some of the boxes i


like the orange shoulders especially


that kind of colored out logo i think


works for the Team North America Black Jersey


but i think at the bottom there's still


a little bit too


too little going on with the Team North America Black Jersey


itself it's all right


definitely not one of my favorites


though coming at number 22


i have the st louis blues and we get to


another red Team North America Black Jersey here i mean


here's the thing here's the thing yeah


it's the saint louis blues they're


wearing a wet red Team North America Black Jersey haha that's


super funny but


it's just all right like it's just all


right i really do like the blue on the


bottom how they basically just inverted


their heritage Team North America Black Jersey from last year and


i think there's some pretty


fun things here and i like that they did


go with the red but


my main gripe of it is just that they


did it i mean that blue


blues logo on that just with the way it


clashes with that all


red Team North America Black Jersey it just doesn't look the


greatest to me i like that they're


changing enough but


at the same time i mean they're the


saint louis blues at the end of the day




i'm not sure about that one i like that


they're getting creative though speaking


of creative


we now go to number 21 and the arizona


coyotes now if you know me


you know that purple is my absolute


favorite color and it is not


used enough in sports Team North America Black Jerseys and this


one is


uh kinda just there i mean you'll see


later in the list how purple gets its


much needed representation but arizona i




i like that they're using purple it is


fairy wacky


fairy out there and i love that but that


does not clash with the bottom of that


Team North America Black Jersey with the cactus and all


the desert stuff i don't know i like




using purple though definite props to


that so arizona


does get a a plus in my books not in


this ranking


but for their creativeness which is all


that matters really let's be real here


at least arizona has that


next up coming at number 20 i have the


ottawa senators and they just basically


invert their new home Team North America Black Jersey or retro


home Team North America Black Jersey


i was always confused on what ottawa was


going to do for this reverse retro


Team North America Black Jersey line because they already brought


back their retro Team North America Black Jerseys


and they basically just made the red


version of their current home which was


the black and red


i think it's all right to me the biggest


problem is it doesn't really clash


too greatly with that logo and i think


it could use maybe a little bit more of


blackness on that kind of like how the


stanley sharks


made their logo a lot more black on


their black Team North America Black Jersey last year


i think it's all right but it's not


really too creative either they


basically just alternated


their home Team North America Black Jersey it's fine i i can't


really complain too much


coming in at number 19 though i have the


buffalo sabres this of course is


representing their


2000 Team North America Black Jersey with the it was red last




and it's an away Team North America Black Jersey so i


automatically don't really like it too


much but i think this checks all the




and what i do want in a way Team North America Black Jersey my


biggest gripe though is still the


buffalo on the bottom i i really don't


like that


at all and especially on an away Team North America Black Jersey


it just


doesn't really do too much for me but i


really do like that sword logo i think


it definitely works well here and the


striping on the sleeves is about as


perfect as you can get so


i can't really act too much on this they


did a fine job


then going on to number 18 this might be


one of the hotter takes because when i


first saw this Team North America Black Jersey i was kind of


against it


but the more i look at it in mock-ups


and of course in the pictures i actually


think it's all right that being the


philadelphia flyers now


i will say it's still kind of weird how


the orange comes down from the sleeve


but i do


really like i do really like the




especially on the top how the black


comes down comes right into the middle


of the sleeve and you have a white at


the end


you also have the black on the bottom i


think this Team North America Black Jersey works very well


it's more on the complicated side but


not too complicated


i think this is definitely what philly's


better jurors as we've seen over the


past couple of decades


really working well in this one i think


it i think it's pretty solid


then going on to number 17 i have these


san jose sharks now this one might go


a little bit higher if i make one like


in a year or two or something


we're going back to this one because i


think this Team North America Black Jersey gets pretty


overshadowed by some of the others in


the pacific division but i really do


like it


you bring back that old black logo which


as is


fresh as all heck and i think the best


part of this Team North America Black Jersey is the striping the


black coming down from the blue collar


which is supreme by the way


and then you have the blue on the bottom


as well my main gripe of it is that


it's gray and i don't know i don't like


that too much i i would have preferred


they just had


white but of course when these Team North America Black Jerseys


were a thing and when they're alluding


to it they did have some grey on them so


i guess it does make


sense but at the end of the day i think


i would prefer it as a white Team North America Black Jersey


which is a rare thing by the way then


going on to number 16


i have the new york islanders now if you


have this number 31 because of an


unoriginality i don't really blame you


too much this is literally their home


Team North America Black Jersey


but darker the thing is though i'm not


really rating too much on creativity so


i still have it pretty high because


one i love the honduras Team North America Black Jerseys right


now they're home and away


are insanely good and they have a little


bit more of a darker tone which leads


back to the Team North America Black Jerseys of just a decade ago


which i think is fine


it works it's a really good Team North America Black Jersey on


its own but it still gets knocked back


a couple because of that unoriginality i


can't really i can't really


not focus on that because it does need


to be said coming in number 15 though


we have the new Team North America Black Jersey devils this one i


went back and forth on because i think


this is a Team North America Black Jersey


that's really going to look good on the


ice but in mockups and stuff and i'm not


sure if it'll really


shine too much they have the christmas


colors the green the red


i personally really like that it's this


this edition for the new Team North America Black Jersey devils


Team North America Black Jersey history i think the red and the


green has always worked out well


i think personally that away Team North America Black Jersey that


they had in


last year that was just fantastic


which is a rare thing for me i don't


usually prefer white Team North America Black Jerseys


but that one was supreme i still like


this though quite a bit obviously


being in the top 15. but coming in at


number 14 i have the boston bruins one


now this one was leaked about a couple


of weeks ago so we already got


an idea of what this would be and i


personally like it a lot they go back to


that retro bruins logo which i


love i got it actually on this hat by


the way so


yeah personally i really like that and


it's all yellow which is different for


what bru the bruins have done


i think it works for how much striping


is here if they didn't have


especially that black on the end i think


it would have been a little bit rough


but they have the black on the end of


the sleeves and on the end


of the the waist i guess


and they have that pretty sweet shading


or pretty


sweet uh striping of that black white




yellow so i think it does work quite a


bit for this Team North America Black Jersey there's enough going


on you have the black color as well


i think it works and i think it works


very well for especially a yellow Team North America Black Jersey


a lot better


than what vegas did just a month back


then going on to number 13 i have the


chicago blackhawks the my one


main prom with this thing and it would


be so much better if it didn't have this


was that just bold red waistband


stripe and that thing just absolutely


sucks if they have the same striping


that they had on the sleeves


on the bottom i think this would be


pretty high i really like


that red that red shoulder combined with


that black


Team North America Black Jersey i think the blackhawks it's about


time they've gone back to a black Team North America Black Jersey


i would have preferred they went just


straight back to that one without any


changes but i do like the red


shoulders here i think it works well and


especially that white


stripe right below it i think it's good


i think for chicago this definitely one


of the better Team North America Black Jerseys in their history


they bring back a little bit of


everything too and i think it works too


well together to bring in a


pretty complete package then we're going


to another black Team North America Black Jersey number 12


and this one is sleek as all heck and


i'm so glad they brought it back


that being the freaking black calgary




freaking how freaking horse mouth or




whatever you want to call it it's


fantastic and i


it has a name so you guys can say it in


the comments down below


it's like smoky or something i'm not


quite sure anyways i don't care it's a


fantastic Team North America Black Jersey that logo is


underrated as all heck and i really like


the striping down below the red


and the almost gold yellow but the way


it clashes with the black with the way


it clashes with that logo is sublime


and i'd love to see the calorie flame


flames bringing this one back coming in


number 11 though we have the team that


beat them in the 2004 stanley cup final


sorry about that


the tampa bay lightning and for them i


really like the additions that they made


to the cup winning Team North America Black Jersey


it really brings a lot of tampa bay all


into one a little


bit with that blue with that white with


the black on the collar on the bottom


and through the sleeves


i think this is a sleek Team North America Black Jersey honestly


might be tampa bay's


best Team North America Black Jersey of all time just all




i think it works well personally i still


not a big fan of that outdated logo but


it does bring back nostalgia


and it is a reverse retro Team North America Black Jersey so i


don't have


too many problems with it coming in at


number 10 though this one


is one i've already seen so much


controversy about and i'm really not


sure where to put it


that being the colorado nordics Team North America Black Jersey


where they basically make the nordiques


away but it's in burgundy


and i'm gonna say this right now for


what they had to work with


i think it's fine but why aren't you


bringing the


actual good nordics Team North America Black Jersey back you know


the baby blue


the best color of them all besides


purple of course that


is what the moniques are known for i


mean yeah the white Team North America Black Jersey is okay


but there's not a lot going on in this


one compared to what they could have had


with the blue now if they were gonna go


for the burgundy on the blue i don't


think that would have worked at all


but they should have just gone back to


the baby blue and have that Team North America Black Jersey


instead of trying to make burgundy on


the white one it just


i don't know at the same time i'm


knacking on it a lot it's still at


number 10. i still think it works


fantastic but


i think there's some definite missed


potential there i felt like if they're


going to go for the nordiques they might


as well go


all the way throughout all that just put


the home Team North America Black Jersey put the blue Team North America Black Jersey or i


guess the away back then


and just go full throttle instead they


kind of give their avalanche flare to it


and i think it kind of downgrades it a




then coming out of number nine this one


also is a pretty controversial one from


what i've seen but


personally i really do love this thing


that being the montreal canadiens blue


and red Team North America Black Jersey


this thing is awesome and i you know


there's gonna be a lot of people that


hate this Team North America Black Jersey because it's not




i personally could not care less this


thing looks sweet


i love that they basically inverted what


they've gone with they got the full blue


they got the red on the middle and the


haves logo it looks fantastic


it's going to take a little bit of time


to get used to it on the ice


but from what i've seen so far i i just


love everything about it


might not buy it but and it doesn't even


scream montreal too much but it's a


slick design


i really do like the colors they just


absolutely pop


i think this will be a Team North America Black Jersey that


people do underrate quite a bit


then coming at number eight this one


also is one that i think could go pretty


underrated that being the floor


panthers now i do wish they went for


that redesign


third logo they had on their uh helmets


for a little bit


where it was this retro logo but it was


a lot more streamlined a lot more


um 2020 i would say and i felt like that


would have been perfect they go back to


the old logo which is fine


personally i really do like the colors


though in this Team North America Black Jersey you have of course


the red shoulders and you have the


yellow combined with that and the


striping but you got the


white and the more i look at this Team North America Black Jersey


the more i really


like the addition of that white i think


especially on the sleeves


it's fantastic not sure about it on the


bottom but


i think it works i think it absolutely


works and honestly for florida


definitely one of the better Team North America Black Jerseys


they've had in their history then going


on at number seven


i have my dallas stars now if you don't


know yeah i am wearing the bruins Team North America Black Jersey


but the dallas stars are my favorite




personally i am really really excited


for this one i'm


probably not gonna get it but this is


about as good of no


a white Team North America Black Jersey as they could have ever


brought out and i like the actual i


actually do like the differences


where they made the look kind of silvery


i think it adds some more flair to it


than it would have had


and i think the green on the bottom i


mean that star design for any Team North America Black Jersey is


fantastic i love they're bringing back


that logo


it looks great here and has always


looked good


then we go on to my number six spot i


have the carolyn hurricane slash


hartford whalers


and we saw that carolina hurricanes


bring back the classic green harper


whalers Team North America Black Jersey


they're now bringing the away one now


it's gray instead of white which i'm


interested in i'm not really sure how i


feel about it but the actual


Team North America Black Jersey design itself besides that is


about as perfect as you get i really


like the striping on the bottom actually


and i think it contrasts well the rest


of the Team North America Black Jersey where you have the blue


and then the green on the end


and especially that collar i think is


really sleek i think it well it's


hartford so it's going to be good


anyways but


that is a fantastic Team North America Black Jersey i'm not sure


if i would have preferred it to be


white or gray i think it's a little bit


off-putting with the gray but i don't


think it's the worst thing in the world




it's a number six so it couldn't be too


bad right then going inside our top five


and i


have the washing capitals they go with


their eagle Team North America Black Jersey this time


in washington capitals red and again


this is one of those jurors that the


more i see of it


the more i look at it the more i


absolutely love i mean


the eagle Team North America Black Jersey was the best Team North America Black Jersey the


capitals have ever had


but i think when you look back on it and


kind of really aged the greatest because


of that color scheme i mean you had to


kind of


you kind of had the weird like poopy




mixed in with that kind of drained out


blue it didn't really work the greatest


color-wise even though the design was


amazing they go with the full red and


the blue with the sleeves i think it


absolutely pops


and i don't think it's going to be i


think alex ovechkin when he sees that




is going to be mystified looking back on


his days when he scored that goal versus


the arizona


or phoenix coyotes at that point i think


it's fantastic


definitely in my opinion honestly


probably the best


Team North America Black Jersey the washington capitals i've ever


had then going on to number four


i have the minnesota wild of course they


go back to the minnesota north star's


colors and i think it works fantastic




the problem is it's an away Team North America Black Jersey so


this probably would have been higher if


it was that full


green Team North America Black Jersey but i think this is about


as good as they could have made it


with that with that lime green with that


yellow it just brings so many memories


back and it's great to see a team


finally use those colors because i'm i'm


really convinced the stars will


basically never do that


so good to see minnesota doing that as


well then going on to number three and i


have a feeling that this will be the




unpopular opinion throughout this entire


video probably the most


unpopular opinion i'll ever have i have


a vancouver canucks gradient


and i know there's gonna be so many


people i hate on this Team North America Black Jersey but i just


want you to look at this design


by s7 which is brilliant follow them if


you haven't already


this Team North America Black Jersey rocks


like i don't even know how to say it it


just absolutely rocks


in every single way i love green as a


dallas stars fan


but i love mint green especially as an


accent on Team North America Black Jerseys


and you have the canucks blue especially


on the color which i think looks great


you have the white on the stripes you


have the mint green


on the shoulders but personally


again this is one of those jurors that


the more i look at it the more i


love especially that gradient i think it


just looks amazing


with that canucks logo where it's just


coming up right as the canucks logo


comes up and i think it looks so


slick the arms are so fantastic the


bottom is fantastic


everything is fantastic about this


Team North America Black Jersey and honestly it's up there


i'm not sure if i prefer over the skate


Team North America Black Jersey but


man have the canucks done pretty good


with their with their Team North America Black Jerseys and


honestly going in next year i mean


with the home and away and the skate


Team North America Black Jersey and then they have this Team North America Black Jersey if


they go with those four Team North America Black Jerseys


that's probably the best Team North America Black Jersey set in


the entire nhl do not have me


that would be ridiculous and i think the


bad goober canucks are kind of just


showing off at this point my goodness


then we get into the final two and at


number two i have the


la kings now as i said before earlier i




a sucker for purple and they bring it




baby with the yellow let's go it is


about time


i have needed this thing in my life


honestly i might end up buying this


i might end up buying this with like if




oh my gosh bi field needs to play on


this if byfield plays in this Team North America Black Jersey i


will be buying that immediately


uh personally i'm not sure if i would


have gone with that


retro 90s kings logo i probably still


would have gone with the crown logo as


the yellow one but i still think it


works great


but again that purple especially that


color with the yellow and how it fits it




is so good man so good i'm so happy the


la kings made the right decision


i don't know i mean i still like the


home and aways for the kings right now




if this was the home and they maybe had


like i don't know who cares as the away


Team North America Black Jersey


i'd be pretty content not gonna lie let


me go into my number one and if you have


been on on this channel for a while


maybe you have maybe not we'll see


subscribe if you're new you would know


who's number one


is celebrity Team North America Black Jerseys i mean there is no


other choice for the number one spot


than the liberty Team North America Black Jerseys


in my opinion there's probably a couple


honestly my top three right now is




the actually i have i'll get it out


right now


why the heck not i'll get it right now i




probably my top three would be this


Team North America Black Jersey the stadium series for the


detroit red wings uh the heritage Team North America Black Jersey


of the winnipeg jets just had in 2019


with a kind of charcoal color


you know what i mean uh versus the


flames and then this Team North America Black Jersey honestly


that would be my top three


and they bring it back in adidas it


looks as sleek as it's ever been


and i don't know man i i probably have


to buy this too i'm gonna have no wallet


after this


it's it's gonna be absolutely disgusting


i can see my wallet right now looking at




very dirtily dirt dirtily very dirty


uh asking what the heck is going on i


don't know man i don't know i don't


wanna i don't wanna have to use you but


it might be time


because the lady liberty Team North America Black Jersey is back


maybe i hit caco on the back we'll see


i don't even know it's just it's just


fantastic i'm so happy the liberty is




it's about time and the new york rangers


finally made the right decision


the best Team North America Black Jersey in rangers history is


back and it comes


at number one but that's gonna be it for


today guys thanks so much for watching


if you enjoyed this Team North America Black Jersey ranking video


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Team North America Black Jerseys what is your least favorite and


what is your favorite and what do you


think of your favorite teams Team North America Black Jersey as




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the rankings for this reverse retro


Team North America Black Jersey boys get this


up here i want to have this video


absolutely explode we got it on time


it's going to be a super fun one


hopefully you guys enjoy make sure you


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this car right here for watch all my


hockey Team North America Black Jerseys content right on


my name is nathan i love you and i'll



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